Inventory Page 1
#1 celtic green 52x40x8 p5 with sculpture in the middle.
#2 diamond shape black 26x26x8 p5 shamfer with etching of candle
sold but available to order for spring shipment bench black 47x16x4 p5 with matching legs
#20 die black 24x24x6 p2 has etching
#5 tear drop shape bahama 20x30x6p5 with matching margin base
#6 angels 2 sculptured on single heart 40x36x8 grey on grey slope base
#8 die shaped slant heart p5 black 28x34x8 on grey marg base
#21 die black 30x24x6 p2 has etching
#10 die with cut out black 30x30x8 p5 and shamfers with margin match base
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#09 die black 36x24x6 p2 has etching
#54 20x24x8 p5 sun carving india black with matching margin base
#59 die black 30x24x6 with etching