Inventory Page 12
#166 Bolder natural look black 40"x28"x11"
#43 40x 30x8 with matching slope base
#369 die special shape slanted heart with bird red 24x36x6 p5
#474 die tree on the side 36x34x8 with match slope 42x1416x8 slope base african britz
sold can order double heart with chisseled around 42x30x8 p2 grey matching margin base
#444 die single heart grey 24x24x6 p5
sold available to order die india red tree with birds 42x32x8 p2 with matching slope base
#453 die black double heart 36x28x6 p5
sold can be ordered etching on a 24x24x6 p2 black
sold can order die single heart aurora 30x30x6 p5 with two carved flowers on side
#448 die black 30x24x6 p2 with etching
sold might have one in stock call die black 24x30x6 two cultavated chisseld flowers tear drop style
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