2007 Page 5
kearsn sault st marie single heart p5 paradiso 24x24x6
ketcheson 36 inch bench black with back blind river
ketcheson names on bench in blind river
king die 33x27x6 cut out p2 black pine groove airport rd thessalon
lachance massey pillow 19x12x4.6
lafleur marker elliot lake 48x24 black with etchings
lafrance 24x14 3 8 pillow black blind river 
lamontagne after all 3 insatalled to make close match blid river
larocque 26x36x6 p5 black in syltan near chapleau
leblanc blind river marker 18x14 red
lediett blind river pillow open book p5 redish 30x12x5and 8 on a slope 16 inch base
louis meawasige cuttler 24x24x6 p2 old paradise
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