2009 Page 10
pilon massey 18x36x6 cross shape with etching black on a grey slope base
plaque for boyer at the treatment center blind river 18x18x3 quarter
poliquin marker bahama 17x10x4 in sunset cemetery iron bridge
powel webwood over the tracks marker grey 17x10x4
quinney marker for monkland 36x24x4 black 
richer marker black 10x6x4 massey for joe
ritchie blindriver marker 17x10x4 black
roberts elliot lake 17x10x4 black marker
ross pillow type on a grey base port finley st joes island pink 25x12x5 and 8
rousseau wawa 24x24x6 p2 with etching black and grey slope base
ryan blind river 14x18x6 p2 bahama
schellekens blind river pillow mahogany 25x12x6and 8
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