2009 Page 3
brownell marker elliot lake 39x24x5 black with chiseled edges
busque 15x12x4 marker maple leaf echio bay blue pearl
campbell burpee mills manitoulin island 24x30x6 p2 black
campbell espanola black 18x18x6 p2
caron elliot lake marker black 24x12x4
carway 30x24x6 p2 black with etchings belingham iron bridge
carway with the 4 corners
castonguay,marchand,thessalon pine groove airport rd 24x32x6 p2 red
charron blind river tear drop with etching 26x34x6 p2 on a grey slope base
charron marker daughter and showing corner post
charron showing most of the lot with markers and corners and tear drop blind river
colquhoun walford pillow on a 2 inch slab pilow is 22x12x5and 8 p3 brown colour
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