2009 Page 5
desmarais spanish marker 24x12x4 in aurora colour
dixon marker elliot lake britz 24x12x4
doiron algoma mills 18x18x6 p2 black
duchesne marker red for espanola 17x10x4
dunlop marker for massey black 17x10x4 
eshkakogan sagamook massey 30x24x6 p2 black with face etching
fairbairn weebwood beside highway black 20x24x6 p2
falls pine groove thessalon 36x26x6 p5 with shamfer edges black with etching and grey slope base
fletcher ronald weebwood pillow 18x12x3and 6 p1 red
fleming elliot lake 36x24x4 marker with a etching
forest tear drop p5 black in blind river with etching 20x30x6
fletcher tear drop black with etching 26x34x6 p2 lee valley massey
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