2009 Page 7
halcrow maple crest echo bay open book pillow type 30x12x5and 8 p5 black with match slope base
hayes espanola 20x24x6 p5 black
hendry niche door blind river
hern cloudsly cemetery bruce mines 24x24x6 p2 laurentian pink
horton and pye marker elliot lake black 24x12x4
jones back of stone 24x30x6 p2 with design and memo sagamook massey
jones sagamook massey black p2 with etching 24x30x6
joyce hilton beach where the church is 22x18x6 p2 grey
kennedy weebwood over the tracks 30x24x6 p2 with etching black
king pine groove thessalon 36x26x6 p2 with carving
lapointe marker elliot lake 24x18x4 britz
leishman iron bridge by old chuch black 20x24x6 p2
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