2009 Page 8
lemieux elliot lake marker 24x12x4 black
lemieux marker elliot lake 30x24x4 india britz
lortie spanish pilow type pink 20x12x4and 6 p1 on a 4 inch thick grey base
lovell cheegen manitoulin island open book pillow black 30x12x5and 8 p5 on a slope grey base
macdonald open book pillow black 24x12x5and8 p5 on a grey slope base sault st marie
marchand pine groove thessalon black 24x24x6 p2
marko blind river 24x24x6 p2 black
mcbrearty marker elliot lake black with etching 36x24
mccendie marker black sudbury 24x18x4
mcclelland carlyles cemetery iron bridge 30x24x6 p2 with etching
mccormick 18x24x6 p2 black in spanish
mccreight after putting final date for one person and adding #7 picture
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