2011 Page 10
tuckett 24x24x6 p2 red laird cemetery
vincent 30x24x6 p2 black sunset cemetery iron bridge
voorhees marker elliot lake 17x10 redish
westerman chapleau 24x30x6 p2 black with etching
williamson marker elliot lake 17x10x4 britz
wilson massey 24x24x6 p2 black with etching
young marker gore bay 30x16x4 black
young pillow 24x14x4and 6 with etching on 4 inch base in algoma mills
agawa mission cemetery goulais river 36x24x6 p2 black
ayotte 24x24x6 p2 black with etching and grey margin base in chapleau
blight 17x10 marker red massey
beaudoin marker red 17x10x4 weebwood
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