2011 Page 11
boucher leveled and reglued in massey
bowles teddy bear shape carved black 21x28x6 p5 except carving with matching slope base in espanola
Bowles teddy bear side view
bradley marker 17x10x4 red in blind river
brunette 30x24x6 p5 black in kagawon
bryson pillow for pick up for terrace bay 16x12 3and 6
Caddel new pad and leveled Mindemoya
campbell tree side view
campbell union rd cemetery manitoulin island 36x26x8 with matching 42x16x8 bahama set tree bird
chevis pillow blind river 26x14x5and 8 on a30x20x4 granite base pilow is catseye colour
cooper pillow in wiki 24x24x4and 8 black with etching on 30x30x4 grey base
cowen 36x24x6 p2 black with etching and slope base pine groove thessalon
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