2011 Page 6
madic marker elliot lake black 36x24x4 rectangular
maguire haley cemetery manitoulin island past wiki 30x24x6 p5 black with etching
maguire back of stone
mailloux marker 17x10x4 black walford
manion 17x10 red for ideals
marker for maclean joyce 17x10x4 britz thessalon
marker for maclean peter 17x10x4 britz thesalon
martin in weebwood over the tracks 30x28x6 p5 round shape with etching and slope grey base
martin with picture installed
mcdonald pillow blind river 24x14x3and 6 grey on cement p1
mcendie marker sudbury 24x18 black
mckinnon thessalon pine grove pillow open book scotia ends 30x14x5and 8 p5 black on a 26x16x6 brp base
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