2012 page 11
pelletier blind river granite base grey 60 inch with 2 wings one 36 wide x36 the other 12x39x8 and 12 inch vase and 15x12 center
pennell orville jr marker massey 17x10x4 black
perizzolo marker elliot lake 48x24 black with etching
phillips marker pine groove airport rd thessalon 17x10x4 black
pike marker elliot lake 17x10 pink
pringle open book pillow 30x12x5and 8 black sitting on slope grey base in walford
proulx 24x18x4 marker britz elliot lake
ramsay baby 14x18x6 p2 bahama blue in espanola
richard 20x24x6 p2 britz with etching on st joes island holy trinity cemetery
rivers 18x20x6 pink heart shape with matching margin base in wiki
robert dabutch clean marker and added foundation
rose back of stone
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