2012 page 3
burk 24x24x6 p2 black with etching in massey
campbell patricia 30x24x6 p5 black in kagawon manitoulkin island 
carlson 38x29x8 p2 bolder type black with etching in hilton beach
collings bench style in chapleau 38x18x4 black p5 sitting on grey oval 32x12x14 high p5 base
corbiere terry pillow massey sagamook 20x12 3 aand 6 dark britz on cement
couchie pillow britz 24x12x3and 6 on cement in nippissing reserve couchie memorial park north bay
coughlin 27x36x8 with cut in p2 black has face etching and matching slope base in cuttler
coughlin back of stone with lettering and design
crockford britz with etching 42x26x8 p5 shamfer maple ridge thessalon
cunningham back of stone
cunningham noland 36x26x6 p5 with shamfers in burbee mills manitoulin island
dabutch eva clean and added foundation
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