2012 page 9
martin marker for baby 17x10x4 red sault saint marie
martin upright 24x24x6 p5 red in sault st marie
martins and pires 24x12x4 black marker elliot lake
mccann 48x24x4 black marker elliot lake
mccharles 24x18x4 black markker elliot lake after installed in snow
mccolman 30x24x6 p2 black etched with vase andd margin base
mccolman back of stone
mcleod glen audrey and doreen 36x24x6 p2 mountain rose aberdeen echo bay
mcleod ronal helen and shirley stewart 24x24x6 p2 aurora in aberdeen with slope match base
mcleod thomas and lucille marker elliot lake black 24x12x4
meinke marker red sault st marie 17x10x4
menegon 24x24x6 p2 black with etching aand margin base in whitefish cathelic
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