Inventory Page 4
#264 die black p5 with etching 30x24x6
pending sale available to order open book pillow p5 30x12x5and 8 on a 4 inch grey base  
#56 bolder type black die 42x29x8 p2 chisseled edges 
#205 die 30x22x6 p2 aurora oval and chisseled
#63 24x24x6 black p2 with etching person fishing  
#66 die with cut out onyx 16x25x6 
#68 die black 22x30x6 p2 with moose etched 
#207 squirrel die 36x34x8 p2 aurora with matching 42x16x3 slope margin
sold available to order die britz p2 chisseled with flowers 22x26x6
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#271 die black p5 22x30x6
sold available to order die aurora 24x32x6 p2
#274 die black p5 30x24x6 with etching