Inventory Page 5
#74 light red colour open book pillow 30x12x3/ 8 p5 
#226 die black 24x32x6 round top has design

#93 die mountain rose 36x24x6 p2  

sold available to order die 24x30x6 black has etching angel
sold available to order  die cats eye 24x24x6 p2
#100 tall die black 24x42x6 p5 with cross design  
sold could order die laurentian pink 24x30x6 p2 
#102 die india red 24x30x6 p2  

sold available to order hickey type red 24x12x3and 6
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available to order 18x20x6 p5 single heart Bahama blue on matching slope base
#282 die black 30x24x6 p2 has etching
#287 tear drop blue pearl p2 20x30x6