Etchings page 9
larocque 26x36x6 p5 black in syltan near chapleau
lariviere 22x30x6 p2 with face etching garden river
leach 30x24x6 p5 black with etching in warrencliff
leclair massey 30x24 x6 black p5 etched
lees blind river 30x24x6 p2 black with etching
lefebvre massey 24x24x6 p5 black with etching
leveille tear drop iron bridge bellingham 22x30x6 p2 black with grey slope base and etching
lewis sculptured angel die with face etching echo bay36x32x8 6
logan marker elliot lake 42x24x4 with etching
lowndes 24x30x6 p2 black with etching and grey margin base marathon
maahs lutherin massey 30x22x6 shaped p5 with etching
maguire haley cemetery manitoulin island past wiki 30x24x6 p5 black with etching
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