2014 Page 5
Degagne 30x24x6 p5 in Bellingham with etching
desayeux adeline 17x10x4 marker pink spanish
Deschamps 24x14 pillow black on cement with cover picture Blind river
Dore 24x12x4 marker Elliot lake black
Doyle marker 17x10x4 grey Sault St Marie
pops garden river 4x6x4 little marker
Edwards 24x14x5and 8 open pillow Sagamok black with grey slope base
Egan 22x30x6 tear drop black in Blind river
Fairbairn marker Webwood 17x10x4 black
Fallu 30x14x8 black slope base blind river
Farand marker black 36x24x4 in Elliot lake
Fellinger heart wit cultivated roses aurora p5 with matching slope base wawa
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