2014 Page 8
houle 16x12x3and 6 grey pillow on cement blind river
imbeau 18x24x6 black p5 blind river
inouye 30x24x6 p5 blue pearl with match margin base and vase in wawa
joachim 20x30x6 bahama with 8 inch margin match base and vase in the sault
jobst 20x24x6 p2 black with face lazer and hand script in the saault
jobst back of stone
johnston 24x24x6 p5 grey cuttler
kanasawe pillow on cement 24x12x4and 6 p5 britz in buzwa wiki
kasaboski ready for install 24x30x6 p5 black with etching for espanola
kemp 16x16x4 marker black in dowling
kenedy angel sculpture 32x36x8 with slope grey base in weebwood
kenedy back of stone weebwood
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